High School art showcase opens December 8

The HS Winter Show and 9 and 10 Art and Design Showcase opens December 8 from 16:00-18:00 in the Art Studios and Greene Gallery.

December showcase poster PDF.JPGThe exhibition features recent work from the 12th grade IB visual art class that reflects a wide range of skills, media and creative and imaginative themes and ideas individually investigated and explored in visual and material ‘language’ of Art. Supported by research and analysis in the Art Journals these individuals are engaged in a personal search for meaning and function in their work which ranges across areas like Architecture, Fashion and Art and Design in many different contexts.

The 9th-grade Art class will be showcasing their observational drawing, printmaking and painting investigations of still-life in which they have explored line, shape, tone, form space and colour in compositions which show a sophisticated understanding of the relations between things both literal and abstract.

The 10th grade Design class invite you to test their cardboard chair designs by sitting on the final full scale models – but look carefully at their drawings and small models and research and investigation in the design journals to see how they have explored the design process.

Live Music, Food and Refreshments provided by students and Art Support Parents.